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Savina Windhorse – 8/13/17 – 31 yrs old

Arabian/Tennessee Walker mix with Pinto/Paint markings. 

Registered American Indian Horse.


She is forever “My Medicine Horse”.  

My Soul Friend in many lifetimes ~ Eternally in My Heart.


She came into my life at the age of 5 as my very first horse.  She taught me how to ride for if you didn’t learn quickly, you were thrown out of the saddle.  This little spit-fire horse was a sports car and could take turns on a dime.  And, she had a turbo speed that no others horses could keep up with when we would haul-ass up the mountains in Griffith Park.  Oh, how I loved the freedom of such incredible runs!!!  We bonded for 26 years in California & Colorado.

She is the inspiration for our Windhorse Adventures ~ Spiritual Adventures on Horseback.  Shelley Warren and I started our Full Moon Horseback Rides, Ceremonies, and Retreats about 17 years ago.  A lot of those posts and photos can be found at  And, we are continuing on with many more New Adventures, so stay tuned and on our mailing list.  This website is combined with my website, so either search will get you there.

Due to Savina’s senior years, I could no longer ride her about 3 years ago, so she had a sweet easy retirement with her barn companion, our other horse, Dusty, a buckskin quarter horse.

Always the trooper and ever-spirited, she never was sick or ill, just old age slowly made her lose weight and become too frail to support her hind end.  On Sunday, 8/13/17, she had fallen down and did not have the strength to get up.

I knew she was getting close to making her transition and was waiting for her to give me a sign that she was ready.  It is SO HARD to call the shot on this, but here we were at that door.  The Vet came and administered the shots, and she sweetly, gracefully took her flight to freedom.  Being an Empath, I felt her leave the horsey body, and my heart ached with every moment of this experience.  Our SOUL BONDING is SO DEEP across ETERNITY.  Wow, how deeply we love our animals…for they love us that deeply too.

Thank you for letting me share this PRECIOUS GIFT with you all in honor of a very GREAT LADY in horse form.

I prayer she will return to me along with our other horse, Cowboy, who we lost about 8 years ago.  I still want my HERD OF HORSES.

May they both reincarnate when all is Divinely in Order and we are living on our NEW RANCH for some exciting riding adventures for us all…that is MY DREAM that I have held in my heart for over 2o years.

I’m not done yet…so stayed tuned.

DEEPLY HEALING MY HEART…Loving you all…Linda

My husband, Paul, is holding up fine and doing his best to support my grieving process…not always an easy job, bless his heart too.

Here is Paul with Cowboy, handsome couple, yes???

Photo taken in Durango, Colorado.

Our first try at ranch living.






We also tried Estes Park, Colorado.  Love the BARN on 40 acres…our neighbor’s 2 horses would come visit for an afternoon of sun bathing!!!

Loved living with wildlife:  elk, deer, bobcats, cows, puma, bears, etc.

Not sure what is next…



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