Spiritual Adventures on Horseback with Linda LIghtfoot

You are invited to attend an “extra-ordinary” Ceremony.

Each Ceremony lasts 60-90 minutes. Please clear your schedule & gift yourself this time to be in Sacred Ceremony under the safety & guidance of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

All is conducted with the highest respect for your safety, care, & spiritual growth.  We are here to honor you & each other as we build together the energy of our Sacred Circle…

Welcome to the Sisterhood & Brotherhood.  Do you remember?

Each year, we offer Full Moon Horseback rides in Griffith Park with a Ceremony under the moonlight among Oak trees.

The one hour horseback ride is open to all level of riders. Our horses are very gentle and safe.

OUR 2018 SCHEDULE: New Year’s Ride Mon 1/1; Blue Moon Wed 1/31 Horses; Blue Moon Sat 3/31 Horses; Sun 4/29 Beach; Wesak Tues 5/29 Beach; Wed 6/27 Beach; Sat 7/28 Beach; Sun 8/26 Beach; Sun 9/23 Beach; Wed 10/24 Horses; Thurs 11/22 Horses; Winter Solstice Sat 12/22 Horses.  See you soon…join us!

Come celebrate with warm friends!

We’re at the beach during Summer. Our Beach Ceremonies include a ride on the Water Taxi (July, Aug, Sept) at Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey.

Shamanic Drumming Journey

All our Ceremonies include a Shamanic Drum Journey facilitated by Linda Lightfoot to IGNITE, EMBODY, & CELEBRATE your new life with the new 5th dimensional codings & be rejuvenated to take powerful action in your earthly walk. Also, enjoy sacred oils, astro overview, & tarot messages.

Meet your passion

Join Linda on her next Adventure!

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