Meet our horses ~ Savina, Cowboy, Dusty

Windhorse Adventures

Journey into the depths of your soul on one of our enchanting Adventures.

Shamanic Healer Empath Training and Mentorship

Training and Mentorship to embody your Divinity thru Self-Healing and Self-Mastery. Explore our unique 15 level certification.

“Ecstasy is like a Windhorse waiting to be ridden…the last wild ride before your passage into enlightenment.”

Join me on the next phase of your Soul’s Adventure. Experience how exciting it is to awaken the Dreamer and Visionary within. Envision a lifestyle aligned with your Unique Soul’s Calling and Destiny.

Sign up below to receive monthly updates for Ceremony Invites, Healers Training, Retreats, and more. Please feel free to contact me at 818-239- 2026 for private sessions for a fresh focus and flow of discovery. It’s my honor to work with you.

Please accept much gratitude for your presence, gifts, talents, and laughter in these current times of great change and upliftment.

Live your Beautiful Path of Light fully awakened from cultural hypnosis and spiritual amnesia.


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