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Hello Fellow Lightworkers

I am so excited to share a major breakthrough with you that involves my current students that are half way through their Shamanic Empath Healers Training.golden-healers-trio

We were facilitating remote etheric healing for one of the student’s mother this week who lives in Mexico.  The mother had given us permission to work on her remotely, but with no specific healing request, but she was open to receive and experience this work knowing that her daughter was helping facilitate the session.  She was instructed to lay down during the time we would work on her and see if she could “feel us” doing energy work.

During the session, we were guided to her sacral chakra and a flash of ovaries appeared in my vision.  We were guided to clear residue from a hysterectomy which then led to clearing deep emotional loss of losing her first born child at birth, my student’s big sister.  Quite a bit of other deep healing from a past life also was attended to with a re-alignment and re-balancing of her full chakra system and energy field.  My student healer did fantastic work!!!

The session lasted about an hour, so my student contacted her mother to check in with her since the session went so deep and long.  This is were it gets super cool.  Mom said she fell into a deep sleep just as we were starting to work on her and then she woke up suddenly at 3:10pm, which is exactly when we placed her etheric back into her body and finished the session.  Wow!!!

Mom said she had been dreaming of giving birth to my student’s big sister and that at first she was alive, but then she was dead.  She said she has NEVER dreamt about this first born, who would be about 50 right now.  She felt good and did not feel bad about the whole experience and that something had shifted in her.  She felt more relaxed and peaceful now.  And this is from a mother who has no metaphysical understanding, but is definitely intuitive and open to her Soul’s wisdom.  How beautiful is that???

My student is getting more feedback to see what else happened for her mother, but what happened was confirmation of the beauty and power of this healing work.  This SO reminds me of why I have followed the Healer’s Path and continue to be honored to facilitate such deep sessions.  My heart is SO full right now and SO grateful for this Beautiful Path of Light and Healing.  We even got to work on a 6 month old baby girl from one of my other students.  More on that later.

So, please let me extend to you all an Invitation to join my next Shamanic Empath Healers Training & Mentorship that is starting on Saturday, 11/5/16.  I am keeping the class to a small group for a more intimate and customized training for each student.  Click on Training and Mentorship for full details. 

It is such a rewarding Right Livelihood, so I hope you will join me now.  Please feel free to call me to sign up. We have a lot of fun in the “chakra gym” while sharpening our intuitive and psychic skills and bonding as a healing team.  We also cover Ceremonial work within the Medicine Wheel and drum making.llspringceremony2016llfull-moonbeach

At the completion of this 15-month training, meeting first Saturday each month, you will be fully trained and confident in facilitating multi-dimensional healing at the Soul Level.  And you will receive your Certification of Completion in Ceremony.  I also offer sponsorship to Healing Credentials for those who wish to take this work into the world.  Or, you can just open to your own healing and increase your intuitive skills for personal and family use.

I am also looking to create a Team of Healers for community work and for animal healing work.  If  you are interested, let’s talk.

Please feel free to pass this on to anyone who might be interested in my Shamanic Empath Healers Training, which is designed especially for all you “sensitives” out there…

or Personal Private Sessions.      healer

Sweetness be with you on your Beautiful Path of Light~~~

Big kisses and hugs, Linda    thankyouflowers











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