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Lightfoot is off to another Adventure…

I am SO happy to continue my Shamanic Training with don Oscar Mira-Quesada from Peru.  He carries such love, wisdom, and great medicine!

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Hello Master Dreamers…

Wow, who knew I would be a part of opening a Pleiadian Stargate in Petaluma, California with don Oscar Mira-Quesada in 2015.  A group of 55 Shamans gathered & it was like being back in the Atlantean Temples. The energy was SO high and powerful.  I love the Shaman Medicine Ways!!!
That’s me kneeling at the end on the right.  Blonde in Black!  Anything to look thin, yes!?!

During one of the healing sessions, I was blessed to embody a Pillar of Light, literally.  I thought the Pillar of Light came in for the female that don Oscar was facilitating healing work on, and that he would ask me to possibly come touch her.  But that did not happen.

Instead, I was held in this LIGHT the whole time, and it finally dissipated after the healing session was complete.  I later found out that this is a Collective of Light from the Shaman Elders that are overlighting and working with me due to my interest in Shamanic Healing.  OK, I’m super blown away now!  OMG, we are SO Blessed.

So let me invite you to the next Shamanic Empath Healers Training & Mentorship starting Saturday,12/3/16.
It is designed especially for you “sensitive types” out there. Thank you to sign up asap as I have limited space to keep the training more intimate & personalized.
Learn more here:

More to come, stay tuned for 2017 starts a new 9-year cycle. So set your foundation in a powerful Vision for this new creative cycle.  New “Master Dreamer” Visioning Circle to be announced for 2017.  If interested, text, call, or email me.  

See you soon…Linda 

Ecstasy is like a Windhorse waiting to be ridden…the last wild ride before your passage into enlightenment.
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