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A huge shift happened on Saturday, 1/28/17 as a blessing from Divine Mother/Golden Tara that may have knocked you off your feet.  If you found yourself having to rest big time over that weekend, than know you received an energetic healing that supports your Divine Feminine Path.

How do I know this?  I had a new client come to me for a private session to address her deep depression & chronic fatigue that runs in your female lineage.  Immediately upon stepping into her field, I was drawn to her solar plexus chakra and throat chakra.  I felt a “3 year old” ready to speak her story and asked my client if this meant anything to her.  Then the tears poured out…

She almost died at age 3 having been left unattended by her family members.  She felt abandoned, not loved, invisible, and not wanted. So she crawled over to the kitchen cabinet and drank some draino.  She was rushed to the hospital were she almost died, but was stabilized.  Her mother never came to visit her, which later in life she found out was due to her mother feeling ashamed of her neglecting her daughter.  None of this was ever spoken until now.

Needless to say, very deep emotional healing took place which led us to do a Soul Retrievel of this wounded 3 year old.  We found her curled up in a dark corner in deep pain of rejection and abandonment.  My client lovingly got her to come into her arms to receive the “love she never got from her mother”.  It took awhile, but we got her to finally accept the love and move outside into the sun to learn to play once again.  Cartwheels, dancing, and playing in a shallow pool where even the little girl helped her New Mom to float. The bonding took hold and we were able to return both New Mother and New Child back into present time.  Soul Retrievel complete with the 3 year old essence blown back into the heart and crown of my client.



Upon this completion, we then proceeded to clear the female lineage of the chronic depression.  As a healer, I saw her whole female lineage line up to receive this healing blessing.  I was shown a dark negative cord/thread that ran through the hearts of the whole female lineage like a string of pearls.  The dark negative thread was pulled out of all hearts and cleaned with sparkling crystal light, then sealed with golden light.  All women were healed and freed to move forward into a higher expression of themselves.




I asked Divine Mother if this blessing could be bestowed upon all women and their lineages upon the earth today as this felt like a collective healing also.  How many of us through many lifetimes have been through this abandonment?  

I believe the Blessing was granted for even I was exhausted over the weekend and had to rest.  We ARE all moving into higher expressions and experiences for ourselves now, and especially in 2017 as a NEW FRESH START.

We finished with cutting some negative energetic cords from old relationships that finally freed my client to be fully in her New Expression bonded with her Magical Child.  Last report today, she is already having dreams of parades and amusement parks that her magical child is bonded and communicating to her to have more FUN in her life now.

This SO reminds me of WHY I have followed this Healers Path.  These sessions are so PROFOUND and so REWARDING.  Blows my mind away every time.

Take a moment and let this all sink in for you at every level.  IS YOUR MAGICAL CHILD ALIVE AND KICKING?

We are being blessed and nurtured at very deep levels.  Enjoy the ride…


If your Soul is calling you to receive a personal healing, please feel free to call me for a Private Session and consultation.  I can be reached at 818-239-2026 to set up an appointment.

And if your Soul is calling you to the Healers Path, my next training starts on Saturday, 2/11/17, 10am – 5pm.

Shamanic Empath Healers Training & Mentorship – 15 Levels to Graduation and Certification 

All the details are here:

Or go direct to Mentorship Outline here:

Remember, this is very deep profound sacred work, not a quick fix or weekend workshop.



I am continuing with my adventure into deeper levels of Magic, Medicine, Mysticism with don Oscar Mira-Quesada for 2o17.  More to share on this as it progresses.  I love the Power of Ceremonial Work that we do together.

Here’s to your FRESH NEW START for 2017 in the energy of a 1-year and Chinese Fire Rooster.

New Regenesis, New Passion, New Creativity, New Adventures…stay tuned.




Book your Private Session now to find clarity for your True North Star.

Let’s get you clearly on your Path…2017 and the World needs you Powerful.



FYI:  Our Windhorse Full Moon Horseback Rides & Ceremonies will start back up in March.  Be ready to ride and shine bright.

It’s a big year, stay connected…see you soon!

Many powerful deep blessings to you all.

Full of Fun, Magic, and Presence.

We are making positive powerful changes for us all and our beautiful Gaia.  Be in communion with her, the Cosmos, and the Company of Heaven.  Sweet Blessings are upon us all…Linda

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