Spring Shamanic Training Starts 4/15/17

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Shamanic Empath Healers Training ~

Starting Saturday, 4/15/17, 10am-5pm

Hi Everyone…

I am so happy to facilitate this in-depth training and exploration with you just as we open up to Spring.  I have created an outline for the 15 month training, but I am being encouraged to leave it loose so we may explore according to who is in the group per their Soul requirements.  So keep in mind that the training will be customized as we go allowing for each participant to develop fully as needed.

Location:  Linda’s Home:  455 N. Reese Place, Burbank, CA  91506


Bring out the Magical Child within you to play in the world of Shamanic Magic, Medicine & Mysticism.  Miracles await us all.

We will come together in Sacred Circle each month for a full day to explore and find your True North.

Together, we will create Sacred Ceremony, Healing, and Visioning of your Divine Soul’s Purpose for this lifetime.

Learn to create and seal our Sacred Medicine Wheel.

Each full day class will go deeply into healing explorations to open your channel as a Divine Conduit for Service.

The afternoons will be hands-on healing and reading practice by each student to increase your psychic/intuitive skills.  Hand-out materials are given at each class for further study.

Each Level builds upon the last allowing the student to not only go thru their own healing/awakening, but to then be able to facilitate full in-depth healings and spiritual counseling.

Begin your New Adventure with us in Sacred Circle and Ceremony.

We meet 2nd Saturday of each month for 15 Levels.  Certification of Completion received at end of program.

If interested, sponsorship for legal credentials as a Licentiate Healer/Minister thru Universal Church of the Master (UCM) and/or Reverendship is offered by Rev. Linda Lightfoot at no charge.  Not required; just offered.


For the full Shamanic Empath Healers Training Program, go here:

Mentorship Program Outline

Call Linda Now to sign up:  818-239-2026

Your New Adventure is ready for you…Spirit is guiding us all…

Let’s get started now…

Private Sessions also available with love.



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