Medicine Wheel Spring Retreat – 4/8/17

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You are Invited…mini retreat within Medicine Wheel

Shamanic Ascension Portal ~ Divine Reset ~April

We are currently in a Divine Reset Portal through Easter offering us a Cosmic Grand opportunity to receive pristine upgrades for next phase of our Divine Missions.

Venus and Jupiter are in retrograde and will be joined by Saturn, Pluto, Mercury in April making that 5 planets in Rx.  Big Reset energy.

Gather within a Powerful Medicine Wheel

Address the Ascension Process, Symptoms, and Overall Time Table of the Coming Golden Age – NEW COSMIC DANCE – Crucible Astrology

Journey to 3 Fields of Power – Magic, Medicine, Mysticism

Create in a New Phase:  1 year for next 9-year cycle:  2017-2026

Prep for Lion’s Gate Harmonic Illumination Portal in August

Divine Feminine merges with Divine Masculine – Mother Wave Coming

DNA and Higher Chakra Upgrades to hold more Spiritual Light and Wisdom for our Divine Mission

SAFE:  Still Anxiety Free Energy

Retreat ~ Revisit ~ Reflect

Relax ~ Receive ~ Remember

Devote this Day of DIVINE RESET for yourself.

Be anointed with essential oils, sage, drumming, and group energy.

Group energy within the Power of Medicine Wheel will remove blocks, vows, spells, curses or past life issues to free your Spirit Light to create a New Life NOW.  BE the anchor of Light for Dharmic Service for Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity for all of Humanity and Life on our New Earth.



Reserve your Space Now:  $222  ~ Limited to 13 for intimate setting

Go to Shop ~ click on Events to add to cart.  Thanks.

Bring 5 power pieces to hold energy intent of medicine wheel directions and elements.  Also, small empty bottle to take home healing water from central altar.  You will need towel/yoga pad to lay on, journal, water jug, hat if sunny.  Bring a food offering for group lunch.  Water & drinks supplied.

I look forward to New Discoveries & Celebrations with you!

Bring your Friends!!!


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