September Offerings

Clarion Call of Total Solar Eclipse of August

Yes, did you get kicked in the butt too?

We’ve been asked to step up and begin our next phase of Ascension and Dharma.  We will be integrating and expanding over the next 9 months, so if you need a Sacred Circle of Light Warriors to join and support you on your journey, I invite you to join us this Saturday in Burbank.

New Medicine Woman Healing Room is ready…

Shamanic Empath Healers Training & Certification

Starting Saturday, 9/9, 10-5pm

Meeting on 2nd Saturday of each month for 15 Levels.

Each class will address current Cosmic Transmissions along with healing techniques, wisdom, and visceral intuitive development.  


You will develop Spiritual Counseling skills along with Empathic Heart readings to become a fully trained Shamanic Energy Healer for individual and planetary Ascension.  Ceremonial work within Medicine Wheel and field trips & animal healings are also a part of this extensive program.  Become a part of a Healing Team.

You will receive a Certificate of Completion upon Graduation in Ceremony.

Sponsorship to Ordination with Universal Church of the Master is also available, but not required.

Check out the full details of this exciting, extensive Shamanic Empath Healers Training.



Training and Mentorship


The Love of My Life ~ Savina Windhorse

Savina Windhorse – 8/13/17 – 31 yrs old

Arabian/Tennessee Walker mix with Pinto/Paint markings. 

Registered American Indian Horse.


She is forever “My Medicine Horse”.  

My Soul Friend in many lifetimes ~ Eternally in My Heart.


She came into my life at the age of 5 as my very first horse.  She taught me how to ride for if you didn’t learn quickly, you were thrown out of the saddle.  This little spit-fire horse was a sports car and could take turns on a dime.  And, she had a turbo speed that no others horses could keep up with when we would haul-ass up the mountains in Griffith Park.  Oh, how I loved the freedom of such incredible runs!!!  We bonded for 26 years in California & Colorado.

She is the inspiration for our Windhorse Adventures ~ Spiritual Adventures on Horseback.  Shelley Warren and I started our Full Moon Horseback Rides, Ceremonies, and Retreats about 17 years ago.  A lot of those posts and photos can be found at WindhorseAdvetntures.org.  And, we are continuing on with many more New Adventures, so stay tuned and on our mailing list.  This website is combined with my LindaLightfoot.org website, so either search will get you there.

Due to Savina’s senior years, I could no longer ride her about 3 years ago, so she had a sweet easy retirement with her barn companion, our other horse, Dusty, a buckskin quarter horse.

Always the trooper and ever-spirited, she never was sick or ill, just old age slowly made her lose weight and become too frail to support her hind end.  On Sunday, 8/13/17, she had fallen down and did not have the strength to get up.

I knew she was getting close to making her transition and was waiting for her to give me a sign that she was ready.  It is SO HARD to call the shot on this, but here we were at that door.  The Vet came and administered the shots, and she sweetly, gracefully took her flight to freedom.  Being an Empath, I felt her leave the horsey body, and my heart ached with every moment of this experience.  Our SOUL BONDING is SO DEEP across ETERNITY.  Wow, how deeply we love our animals…for they love us that deeply too.

Thank you for letting me share this PRECIOUS GIFT with you all in honor of a very GREAT LADY in horse form.

I prayer she will return to me along with our other horse, Cowboy, who we lost about 8 years ago.  I still want my HERD OF HORSES.

May they both reincarnate when all is Divinely in Order and we are living on our NEW RANCH for some exciting riding adventures for us all…that is MY DREAM that I have held in my heart for over 2o years.

I’m not done yet…so stayed tuned.

DEEPLY HEALING MY HEART…Loving you all…Linda

My husband, Paul, is holding up fine and doing his best to support my grieving process…not always an easy job, bless his heart too.

Here is Paul with Cowboy, handsome couple, yes???

Photo taken in Durango, Colorado.

Our first try at ranch living.






We also tried Estes Park, Colorado.  Love the BARN on 40 acres…our neighbor’s 2 horses would come visit for an afternoon of sun bathing!!!

Loved living with wildlife:  elk, deer, bobcats, cows, puma, bears, etc.

Not sure what is next…




August Blastoff ~ She’s Back…

Hello Beautiful Ones…


It is SO good to be back posting again.  I have been going through a very deep healing over the last few months that I feel will shed some light on our Ascension Process at the DNA Soul Level.

In a previous blog, I talked about the 8 years of service to my husband’s parents and the toxic environment I lived in as target for his mother’s misery, so I won’t repeat the “hell” I lived through under such suppression that nearly killed my Creative Spirit as an Empath.  But the “walking on eggs”, fear of being thrown out of the house, the constant daily chaos/drama, and witnessing her emotional swings from dementia, etc. is felt deeply in the cells/dna of the body.

So for anyone taking care of someone with dementia, maybe this will help you.

I witnessed the emotional swing to go through 6 stages from an inward attack to outward attack as the “energy has to go somewhere”.

Inward Spiral Down (attack self):  1-Mild Sadness, 2-Depression, 3-Martyrdom/Poor Me/Victim

Outward Spiral (attack a target):  1-Blame/Accuse Others, 2-Verbal/Physical Abuse, 3-Full Blown Psychotic

Won’t go into more details, but you can see the energetic cycle here.  My “healer energetic POV” was always observing the psychological issues and energetic flows of what I was experiencing.  Who needs collage when life is your clinic!!!

Once she had made her transition, both Paul and I collapsed in such bodily pain, we could not even move off the couch.  I have never felt such deep ache in my muscles and bones, and I was a dancer/stunt women falling off buildings for years, so I know my body intimately.  We had PTSD.  In fact, Paul’s stress had to go somewhere, so it hit his brain with a hemorrhage, and later, his gall bladder took the hit and had to be removed.

I was so surprised at how “stress, anxiety, fear” can still seep into your cells even when you are being very alert and careful with yourself to NOT take it all into yourself.  Sneaky little blokes!!!  Anyway, I’m much better now having rested, and Paul’s coming around, but still is recovering from his more serious health experiences.

The house is energetically cleared, cleaned, and re-set to our more peaceful calm “cowboy” energies with help of the Unicorns, Pegasus, Dragons and Faeries.  Ok, and few Arch Angels and Company of Heaven who “over-light” us have blessed us too. Thank the Goddess and Sophia Divine Mother for nourishing our Souls back to health!!!

And, here’s the deep/dna healing I had that is the point of this blog.  I have always carried a deep sadness in my heart that seemed so subtle for the most part, and layers have been lifted along my healers path over the years.

However, about 2 weeks ago, it was triggered fully for clearing.  I literally felt it as a VERY thick energetic blanket of several emotions woven together at a CORE level:  deep heart hurt, not loved, abandonment, sadness, depression, etc.  All perceived while I was crying my eyes out with huge deep sobs from the Soul, while washing dishes mind you!!!  So I allowed the pouring of my Soul to be washed clean with the water as a blessing for myself and humanity as a clearing for us all for I know as we each heal, so does it help the collective.  The “Blessing” was literally experiencing this THICK EMOTIONAL WET BLANKET being lifted off of me and out of my field.  This is TRUE healing at the Core/Soul Level for it changes our DNA/vibration and trajectory for a NEW SELF and FUTURE LIFE POSSIBILITIES.

Thank the Goddess and Lords of Karma that I have “Graduated” from Karma and can finally close this Soul Chapter.

I am SO ready…MORE THAN READY, to move on to a fully NEW CREATIVE PHASE in this NEW CYCLE OF BRAHMA for our NEW CRYSTALLINE EARTH, NEW CRYSTALLINE HU-MANITY, and create the GARDEN OF THE SOUL which is Paradise/Heaven on Earth.  THAT’S US.  We are Heaven on Earth.  Very Cool…


In Honor of the Powerful Energies of August Eclipses and Lion’s Gate of 8/8/17

My Temple/Home is here for you all to support your Soul’s Highest Evolution!

I have created my NEW HEALING ROOM at this house and have consecrated it in Service to those in need of healing, mentoring, and spiritual guidance.  It is the Temple of the Unicorns, so be prepared to interact with them.

I have a powerful White Tiger with me now along with my Black Jaguar.

I have been strictly encouraged (more like pushed) by my Spiritual Over-Lighting Guides to honor my Calling as a Healer, Teacher, Mentor to allow this NEW PHASE of CREATIVITY to flow forward NOW and SHINE BRIGHTLY.

We are ALL being encouraged to honor our Divine Sovereignty and step into our own Empowerment that CALLS TO OUR HEARTS.




Here are the



Shamanic Arts, Ceremony, and Retreats

FULL MOON BEACH CEREMONY at Mother’s Beach in Marina del Rey – Sunday, 8/6/17, 7:30pm.  Purchase in Shop Events.

SHAMANIC EMPATH HEALERS TRAINING – Monthly Certification Training starting on Saturday, 8/15/17.  Details under Training/Mentorship.  Purchase and sign up now.  Limited Space.

PRIVATE SESSIONS – In Person, Remote, or Phone – Call Linda for appointment:  818-239-2026

SPA TREATMENTS – Massage/Essential Oils/Hot Stones/Raindrop Treatments – Call Linda for appointment:  818-239-2026



MONTHLY “OILERS” PARTY – Play and Explore Young Living Essential Oils

POWER TRIPS TO TEOTIHUACAN – Eagle Knight Lineage Initiations in Sacred Teo

SHAMAN DRUMMAKING – Create/Consecrate Own Drum and Pouches for Ceremonial Work

SACRED DREAMING CIRCLE – Master Dreamer Initiations to ignite 6th chakra, awakening Dreamer/Visionary



Wesak Full Moon Beach Ceremony ~ Windhorse Adventures

Wesak Full Moon Ceremony ~ Wednesday, 5/10/17, 7-9pm

magic night: moon stars water

Please join us for a very special Full Moon gathering as we honor and receive the Blessings of the Buddha and many other Spiritual Masters!  

A special time to re-commit yourself to your spiritual path and dharma under the blessings of the Company of Heaven & share with others of heart & soul intentions. 

Place:  Mothers Beach in Marina del Rey

( in front of Jamaica Bay Inn – Palawan Way & Admiralty Way)

Time:  7 to 9 PM



Ceremony Includes:

Astro overview, meditation, essential oils, crystals, and amazing Full Moon Buddha Light!  Magical Night for us all.

Cost: $25 ( please bring cash)

RSVP Required!  Call or Text Linda:  818-239-2026  

This is a Very Very Very Special time and Gathering!  

See you all soon…Linda & Shelley  

Please enjoy this beautiful You Tube offering:

Rest In Natural Great Peace -~- Nyoshul Khenpo Rinpoche.wmv


Endings, Completions, New Life

Hello Beautiful Ones…

Some of you may know that my husband, Paul, and I have been living with his parents for 8 years now to help them in their Elder Years.  His father transitioned in 2011, and now, his Mother, Viola, transitioned on Wednesday, 4/19/17 at 6:30pm in the house.

California law only offers in-house Hospice, so we (mostly me) were nursing her thru her natural death process.  It was very fast as she had been suffering from dementia, brain cancer, & lung cancer.

Not sure how she lived to 94 years old; must have been all the “preservatives” in the candy and sugar items she ate daily.  I guess at that age, you get to do whatever you want…period!!!


It has been such a very long exhausting journey living here.  I was her “target” to blame for just about everything at the house.  I have never been treated with such Elder Abuse (since I am an Elder now) from an older Elder.  How can one short being cause so much drama!!!  Reminds me of the mosquito quote:  if you think you are so insignificant and small, spend a night with a mosquito.  Or something like that.  You get the point.  Dementia brings out the worst in such bitter people.  She was a smothering type mother and watched every move we made which had us walking on eggs all the time.  And for an Aquarian with a Sagittarius rising who doubly loves her freedom, this was SO HARD. My mother was exactly the opposite encouraging me to follow my free spirit.

But as a Healer, I witnessed the “overlays” within her personality, the emotional extremes from martyrdom to full-blown psychotic behavior, to being humbled while bedridden and needing others to bath you.  And then the natural death process of the body shutting down at each stage until final transition.  FYI:  Make sure you have not insulted your future caretakers as they may be wiping your butt one day!!!  I took the high road and honored the Soul that was in my care until her final moments.  My heart is full and complete with my service to this family!  That I can say with the utmost honest integrity of my Soul, a clear mind, and a compassionate heart.

There were so many times we were being kicked out of the house over the last 4 years, but spirit never presented a way out of this, only a way through it.  Karma is a bitch…


So mark this one “PAID IN FULL” in the Akashic Records, please.

This Bodhisattva has earned her wings, big time!!!


THANK YOU to all my close friends who helped me through this journey.  Thank the Goddess, my Soul Sisters were always near.


Paul and I have not been able to leave the house together for the past 2 years, so that we always had eyes on her for safety concerns.  We’re still adjusting to our NEW FOUND FREEDOM.  Needeless to say, we are exhausted and feel like we have PTSD.  Our muscles ache from all the tension of being on call, walking on eggs, daily emotional swings, etc.

We had put all our dreams on hold and can’t even find them now.

So after some “down time” for R&R, we will be DREAMING ANEW.


We still have our horses and cats, of course.  Boots and spurs still by the bed.  And I can now play in my Merlin Garden with freedom to create boundlessly.

PS:  I’ve asked Spirit for a large “garden budget” so my inner child can fulfill her promise to the fairies for a garden spot for them…furniture and all.

So, I will keep you all posted as to the next




They are still my PASSIONS, but believe a NEW FORM is emerging deep from within my SOUL.  

My Universal Shamanic Training with don Oscar Miro-Quesada is finishing up on 4/25/17 after four months of exploring the 3 Fields of Power in Magic, Medicine, and Mysticism.  Lots to share soon…stay tuned.




Windhorse Rides Again – next Full Moon 4/9/17

Yea, it’s SPRING …Let’s RIDE again.  How exciting.

The hills & trees of Griffith Park are so vibrant green now with flowers blooming in full glory of Mother Nature & all her intoxicating smells.

The horses are SO READY & WAITING for us all to play once again under the enchanting FULL MOON & do powerful CEREMONY in SACRED CIRCLE.




We’re off on another YEAR OF POWERFUL MONTHLY FULL MOON CEREMONIES starting on April 9th.

Grab your cameras & personal power objects/crystals for the altar. Wear comfortable clothes & shoes for riding per weather conditions. Bring own water and a happy heart for Divine Connection.

Be a part of creating a Sacred Circle for Planetary work also.




Enjoy Shamanic Sage Cleansing & Drum Healing.

Receive Tarot & Astrological Guidance to empower you.



Be taken on a Shamanic Drumming Journey aligned with Spirit’s Guidance to one of 3 Fields of Power.







Be anointed with pure Young Living Essential Oils that seal the night’s energies for lasting effect going home.

How intoxicating can it get…WOW.





Meet at Studio Horse Rentals (formerly Circle K) at 5:30pm for a beautiful 1 hour SUNSET RIDE.

914 S. Mariposa St., Burbank, CA  91506

SACRED CEREMONY will be conducted in Betty Davis Park around the corner.  We’ll all carpool over together.

Facilitated by your wonderful & wacky Ladies:  Shelley Warren & Linda Lightfoot (hat) 


SIGN UP NOW: http://lindalightfoot.org/product-category/events/

RSVP by phone:  Linda 818-239-2026

Reserve your Horse asap ~ we need a headcount for stables! 

$60 cash – includes Ride, Wrangler Tip, and Ceremony



          SEE YOU SOON…




Medicine Wheel Spring Retreat – 4/8/17

You are Invited…mini retreat within Medicine Wheel

Shamanic Ascension Portal ~ Divine Reset ~April

We are currently in a Divine Reset Portal through Easter offering us a Cosmic Grand opportunity to receive pristine upgrades for next phase of our Divine Missions.

Venus and Jupiter are in retrograde and will be joined by Saturn, Pluto, Mercury in April making that 5 planets in Rx.  Big Reset energy.

Gather within a Powerful Medicine Wheel

Address the Ascension Process, Symptoms, and Overall Time Table of the Coming Golden Age – NEW COSMIC DANCE – Crucible Astrology

Journey to 3 Fields of Power – Magic, Medicine, Mysticism

Create in a New Phase:  1 year for next 9-year cycle:  2017-2026

Prep for Lion’s Gate Harmonic Illumination Portal in August

Divine Feminine merges with Divine Masculine – Mother Wave Coming

DNA and Higher Chakra Upgrades to hold more Spiritual Light and Wisdom for our Divine Mission

SAFE:  Still Anxiety Free Energy

Retreat ~ Revisit ~ Reflect

Relax ~ Receive ~ Remember

Devote this Day of DIVINE RESET for yourself.

Be anointed with essential oils, sage, drumming, and group energy.

Group energy within the Power of Medicine Wheel will remove blocks, vows, spells, curses or past life issues to free your Spirit Light to create a New Life NOW.  BE the anchor of Light for Dharmic Service for Golden Age of Peace and Prosperity for all of Humanity and Life on our New Earth.



Reserve your Space Now:  $222  ~ Limited to 13 for intimate setting

Go to Shop ~ click on Events to add to cart.  Thanks.

Bring 5 power pieces to hold energy intent of medicine wheel directions and elements.  Also, small empty bottle to take home healing water from central altar.  You will need towel/yoga pad to lay on, journal, water jug, hat if sunny.  Bring a food offering for group lunch.  Water & drinks supplied.

I look forward to New Discoveries & Celebrations with you!

Bring your Friends!!!


WINDHORSE ADVENTURES ~ Spiritual Adventures on Horseback

Wild Ride into 3 Fields of Power ~ Magic, Medicine, Mysticism

Spiritual Retreats, Ceremonies, Shamanic Training and More


Spring Shamanic Training Starts 4/15/17

Shamanic Empath Healers Training ~

Starting Saturday, 4/15/17, 10am-5pm

Hi Everyone…

I am so happy to facilitate this in-depth training and exploration with you just as we open up to Spring.  I have created an outline for the 15 month training, but I am being encouraged to leave it loose so we may explore according to who is in the group per their Soul requirements.  So keep in mind that the training will be customized as we go allowing for each participant to develop fully as needed.

Location:  Linda’s Home:  455 N. Reese Place, Burbank, CA  91506


Bring out the Magical Child within you to play in the world of Shamanic Magic, Medicine & Mysticism.  Miracles await us all.

We will come together in Sacred Circle each month for a full day to explore and find your True North.

Together, we will create Sacred Ceremony, Healing, and Visioning of your Divine Soul’s Purpose for this lifetime.

Learn to create and seal our Sacred Medicine Wheel.

Each full day class will go deeply into healing explorations to open your channel as a Divine Conduit for Service.

The afternoons will be hands-on healing and reading practice by each student to increase your psychic/intuitive skills.  Hand-out materials are given at each class for further study.

Each Level builds upon the last allowing the student to not only go thru their own healing/awakening, but to then be able to facilitate full in-depth healings and spiritual counseling.

Begin your New Adventure with us in Sacred Circle and Ceremony.

We meet 2nd Saturday of each month for 15 Levels.  Certification of Completion received at end of program.

If interested, sponsorship for legal credentials as a Licentiate Healer/Minister thru Universal Church of the Master (UCM) and/or Reverendship is offered by Rev. Linda Lightfoot at no charge.  Not required; just offered.


For the full Shamanic Empath Healers Training Program, go here:

Mentorship Program Outline

Call Linda Now to sign up:  818-239-2026

Your New Adventure is ready for you…Spirit is guiding us all…

Let’s get started now…

Private Sessions also available with love.




Ladies, did you feel it?

A huge shift happened on Saturday, 1/28/17 as a blessing from Divine Mother/Golden Tara that may have knocked you off your feet.  If you found yourself having to rest big time over that weekend, than know you received an energetic healing that supports your Divine Feminine Path.

How do I know this?  I had a new client come to me for a private session to address her deep depression & chronic fatigue that runs in your female lineage.  Immediately upon stepping into her field, I was drawn to her solar plexus chakra and throat chakra.  I felt a “3 year old” ready to speak her story and asked my client if this meant anything to her.  Then the tears poured out…

She almost died at age 3 having been left unattended by her family members.  She felt abandoned, not loved, invisible, and not wanted. So she crawled over to the kitchen cabinet and drank some draino.  She was rushed to the hospital were she almost died, but was stabilized.  Her mother never came to visit her, which later in life she found out was due to her mother feeling ashamed of her neglecting her daughter.  None of this was ever spoken until now.

Needless to say, very deep emotional healing took place which led us to do a Soul Retrievel of this wounded 3 year old.  We found her curled up in a dark corner in deep pain of rejection and abandonment.  My client lovingly got her to come into her arms to receive the “love she never got from her mother”.  It took awhile, but we got her to finally accept the love and move outside into the sun to learn to play once again.  Cartwheels, dancing, and playing in a shallow pool where even the little girl helped her New Mom to float. The bonding took hold and we were able to return both New Mother and New Child back into present time.  Soul Retrievel complete with the 3 year old essence blown back into the heart and crown of my client.



Upon this completion, we then proceeded to clear the female lineage of the chronic depression.  As a healer, I saw her whole female lineage line up to receive this healing blessing.  I was shown a dark negative cord/thread that ran through the hearts of the whole female lineage like a string of pearls.  The dark negative thread was pulled out of all hearts and cleaned with sparkling crystal light, then sealed with golden light.  All women were healed and freed to move forward into a higher expression of themselves.




I asked Divine Mother if this blessing could be bestowed upon all women and their lineages upon the earth today as this felt like a collective healing also.  How many of us through many lifetimes have been through this abandonment?  

I believe the Blessing was granted for even I was exhausted over the weekend and had to rest.  We ARE all moving into higher expressions and experiences for ourselves now, and especially in 2017 as a NEW FRESH START.

We finished with cutting some negative energetic cords from old relationships that finally freed my client to be fully in her New Expression bonded with her Magical Child.  Last report today, she is already having dreams of parades and amusement parks that her magical child is bonded and communicating to her to have more FUN in her life now.

This SO reminds me of WHY I have followed this Healers Path.  These sessions are so PROFOUND and so REWARDING.  Blows my mind away every time.

Take a moment and let this all sink in for you at every level.  IS YOUR MAGICAL CHILD ALIVE AND KICKING?

We are being blessed and nurtured at very deep levels.  Enjoy the ride…


If your Soul is calling you to receive a personal healing, please feel free to call me for a Private Session and consultation.  I can be reached at 818-239-2026 to set up an appointment.

And if your Soul is calling you to the Healers Path, my next training starts on Saturday, 2/11/17, 10am – 5pm.

Shamanic Empath Healers Training & Mentorship – 15 Levels to Graduation and Certification 

All the details are here: http://lindalightfoot.org/training-and-mentorship/

Or go direct to Mentorship Outline here:  http://lindalightfoot.org/mentorship-program-outline/

Remember, this is very deep profound sacred work, not a quick fix or weekend workshop.



I am continuing with my adventure into deeper levels of Magic, Medicine, Mysticism with don Oscar Mira-Quesada for 2o17.  More to share on this as it progresses.  I love the Power of Ceremonial Work that we do together.

Here’s to your FRESH NEW START for 2017 in the energy of a 1-year and Chinese Fire Rooster.

New Regenesis, New Passion, New Creativity, New Adventures…stay tuned.




Book your Private Session now to find clarity for your True North Star.

Let’s get you clearly on your Path…2017 and the World needs you Powerful.



FYI:  Our Windhorse Full Moon Horseback Rides & Ceremonies will start back up in March.  Be ready to ride and shine bright.

It’s a big year, stay connected…see you soon!

Many powerful deep blessings to you all.

Full of Fun, Magic, and Presence.

We are making positive powerful changes for us all and our beautiful Gaia.  Be in communion with her, the Cosmos, and the Company of Heaven.  Sweet Blessings are upon us all…Linda


Winter Solstice Gathering 12/21, 7-9pm


Gather with us for an intimate night of spiritually focused intent to clear “the old”

& make way for “A New Divine 2017”.  Let’s begin this “1 Year” aligned with our Highest Potentials.

Shaman Visioning ~ Astrological Overview of 2017 ~ Tarot ~ Crystals ~ Essential Oils ~ Soul Friends 


Join us in Sacred Ceremony on this highly charged day of Winter Solstice.  

This Sacred Portal is open allowing the thinning veils between worlds to be our guidance.…RSVP.

Dolphin Marina Clubhouse, 13900 Panay Way, Marina del Rey

Facilitated by Linda Lightfoot & Shelley Warren.  See you soon…Call or add product to your cart.

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